Garden & Gun Magazine Features Nashville’s New Sound

Garden & Gun Magazine Features Nashville’s New Sound

Everyone at Crow Town has been hip to the growing Americana & Roots Music movement coming out of Music City but it’s still widely known as the epicenter of pop country pablum, but it’s always nice when a nationally published and distributed magazine like Garden & Gun publishes a story featuring many of the great artists you can still see playing The 5 Spot or The Basement on a Tuesday.

Nashville has been known in recent years mostly for songs about beer, trucks, fishing and good times on a Saturday night, but it’s only a few years removed from when BR549 was a staple on Broadway.  Once  you push past the unwashed masses of drunk tourists you can find an amazingly diverse collection of songwriters and musicians.

Our friend Nikki Lane features prominently in the magazine’s list of upcoming artists,  which is great news for all Moot Davis fans since they’ve recently completed a duet together which will appear on Moot’s upcoming CD Going In Hot.

Check it out, you can hear a ton of great new artists on their website:


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