Ben Folds Fight Against Nashville Developer Not Going Well

Ben Folds Fight Against Nashville Developer Not Going Well

The latest news in the ongoing battle to save RCA Studio A is not going well.  According to a recent story on, the current long time tenant Ben Folds and all the other current tenants are being evicted.  The building’s owner, Bravo Development, recently sent this message to the current tenants:

“The decision to terminate all tenancies has not been an easy decision for (Bravo Development) to make, but is necessary given the poor state of the building,” Bravo said. “(Bravo Development) is providing this notice to you as early as possible so that you can make appropriate arrangements.”

The issue has sparked a hot debate among those in Nashville who wish to strike a balance of tradition and progress.  While nobody argues that there is a need for more housing in town, stomping all over historically significant buildings isn’t the best way to go about it.  Part of the reason that Nashville is so special is because of the deep connection to the past through it’s studios, honky tonks and music venues.

Thankfully due to Ben Folds’ active opposition to the potential razing of RCA Studio A (as evidenced by the developer’s application for demolition permit) many influential artists have signed on to fight against the rampant development in Nashville’s most desirable music hubs.  Recently Jamey Johnson and Keith Urban and many other local music luminaries have joined the cause.  What remains to be seen is if it will ultimately matter.

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