Americana Chart Turns 20

There’s a great article written by Rob Bleetstein published on today about the history of the Americana chart and how it’s fighting the big machine pop & bro country that’s been dominating the airwaves in most US cities.

It took a community of music lovers whose interest was not being well represented to form the Americana Music Association before true traction could be gained.  Now after years of promoting the cause there’s a vibrant and eclectic collection of vagabond artists and rabid fans with enough support to warrant our own category in the Grammy awards.

In a time where CD sales have slumped to tragically low numbers  the future is bright for Americana artists.  New festivals continue to appear and the Americana Music Festival is one of the most respected and well attended anywhere.  Pair that with renewed interest from major labels as evidenced by Atlantic Records signing Sturgill Simpson and you have all the makings for this genre of music to be taken seriously enough to graduate from college and tertiary stations and receiving much greater acceptance nationwide.

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